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Be Do Become - Character Matrix

We have researched the most in demand soft-skills and mapped them to Character Qualities in a unique Be, Do, Become framework.

By being, you can do. By doing, you can become. It all begins with one of these Character Qualities.

Hover over one of the aspirations or soft skills below to see which supporting Character Qualities should be developed.

Be           Do Become
Authentic Responsible Discerning Fair Wise Purposeful Living Ethically Bold in the face of change
Encouraging Perceptive Openminded Honest Curious Self-aware Fostering Intercultural Competence
Compassionate Collaborative Harmonious Forgiving Resilient Organised Managing Uncertainty
Self-aware Authentic Intuitive Kind Reliable Assertive Applying Personal Morals
Kind Empathetic Compassionate Humble Trusting Wise Creating Psychological Safety
Courageous Collaborative Responsible Optimistic Practical Fair Living Sustainably
Collaborative Adaptable Committed Organised Reliable Influential Transferring Skills
Self-aware Intuitive Curious Wise Calm Vulnerable Growing Spiritually Emotionally intelligent
Disciplined Organised Responsible Committed Humble Openminded Continuous Improvement
Self-aware Forgiving Intuitive Grounded Kind Disciplined Practising Mindfulness
Committed Disciplined Harmonious Intuitive Adaptable Sincere Practising Self-care
Detached Grounded Openminded Forgiving Trusting Calm Letting Go
Openminded Perceptive Adaptable Curious Resilient Self-aware Learning from Experience
Openminded Discerning Grateful Intuitive Adaptable Curious Gaining Perspective
Expressive Organised Discerning Efficient Confident Sincere Briefing A communicator
Expressive Self-aware Gracious Grateful Kind Encouraging Processing Feedback
Analytical Detached Discerning Openminded Perceptive Purposeful Knowing Your Audience
Confident Energetic Expressive Humorous Empathetic Sincere Public Speaking
Confident Intuitive Energetic Expressive Encouraging Influential Selling
Expressive Empathetic Wise Authentic Influential Creative Storytelling
Intuitive Empathetic Creative Visionary Curious Openminded Visualising
Organised Resilient Analytical Perceptive Creative Purposeful Active Learning My authentic self
Adaptable Courageous Self-aware Committed Optimistic Resilient Being Coachable
Accountable Decisive Discerning Openminded Committed Pioneering Goal Setting
Expressive Self-aware Excellent Optimistic Authentic Committed Personal Branding
Humorous Energetic Intuitive Competitive Adaptable Harmonious Playing
Authentic Courageous Compassionate Forgiving Decisive Assertive Saying No
Authentic Self-aware Harmonious Discerning Calm Wise Achieving Balance
Empathetic Calm Encouraging Humble Vulnerable Curious Active Listening Intellectually curious
Authentic Expressive Collaborative Empathetic Humorous Sincere Connecting
Openminded Influential Assertive Decisive Perceptive Organised Consulting
Expressive Curious Honest Courageous Calm Committed Managing Conversations
Analytical Assertive Curious Expressive Excellent Competitive Debating
Curious Expressive Energetic Analytical Discerning Perceptive Questioning
Curious Sincere Openminded Discerning Perceptive Visionary Developing Clarity
Disciplined Excellent Reliable Responsible Analytical Disciplined Attentive to Details A manager of systems
Calm Wise Fair Decisive Grounded Practical Managing Crisis
Fair Gracious Independent Collaborative Organised Assertive Delegating
Authentic Expressive Harmonious Calm Trusting Fair Managing People
Disciplined Independent Analytical Detached Openminded Perceptive Researching
Strategic Analytical Decisive Practical Purposeful Perceptive Strategy Development
Accountable Disciplined Efficient Organised Reliable Responsible Managing Time
Accountable Disciplined Responsible Discerning Practical Excellent Ensuring Compliance A manager of change
Courageous Energetic Excellent Assertive Competitive Strategic Generating Engagement
Disciplined Organised Efficient Practical Purposeful Strategic Managing Knowledge
Efficient Compassionate Independent Encouraging Sincere Fair Managing Performance
Efficient Organised Responsible Analytical Decisive Practical Planning
Intuitive Accountable Disciplined Responsible Analytical Grounded Managing Risk
Collaborative Grateful Humorous Encouraging Trusting Purposeful Managing Teams
Collaborative Trusting Compassionate Grateful Humorous Honest Building Rapport A unifier
Calm Encouraging Wise Purposeful Visionary Reliable Coaching & Mentoring
Fair Trusting Detached Perceptive Strategic Forgiving Resolving Conflict
Excellent Organised Influential Encouraging Assertive Practical Facilitating Groups
Self-aware Expressive Confident Courageous Vulnerable Discerning Maintaining Boundaries
Assertive Decisive Perceptive Influential Competitive Strategic Negotiating
Collaborative Gracious Humorous Confident Authentic Perceptive Networking
Expressive Grateful Optimistic Excellent Encouraging Sincere Celebrating Success A leader of people
Gracious Empathetic Compassionate Harmonious Encouraging Honest Fostering Openness
Courageous Committed Influential Visionary Disciplined Resilient Holding the Vision
Empathetic Harmonious Fair Sincere Vulnerable Wise Creating Inclusivity
Self-aware Excellent Responsible Encouraging Vulnerable Influential Role Modeling
Expressive Harmonious Independent Detached Calm Influential Advocating
Collaborative Harmonious Reliable Responsible Encouraging Trusting Team Building
Pioneering Strategic Courageous Openminded Analytical Organised Cultivating a Commercial Mindset A driver of innovation
Pioneering Expressive Visionary Courageous Energetic Encouraging Creating a Movement
Humble Influential Openminded Committed Perceptive Curious Global Awareness
Influential Energetic Committed Confident Efficient Independent Taking Initiative
Pioneering Strategic Visionary Encouraging Creative Collaborative Envisioning Change
Pioneering Visionary Analytical Competitive Decisive Optimistic Seizing Opportunities
Strategic Organised Discerning Accountable Responsible Practical Strategic Planning
Competitive Committed Purposeful Accountable Disciplined Excellent Developing Competitive Intelligence A thought leader
Curious Analytical Assertive Decisive Discerning Perceptive Critical Thinking
Analytical Openminded Discerning Assertive Perceptive Strategic Evaluating
Adaptable Courageous Resilient Self-aware Optimistic Influential Applying a Growth Mindset
Grounded Assertive Perceptive Practical Creative Curious Lateral Thinking
Wise Trusting Sincere Humble Honest Fair Philosophical Thinking
Analytical Strategic Decisive Collaborative Curious Optimistic Problem Solving